2017-2018 All State String Audition Requirements

Information and Requirements

String students in grades 7-9 may audition for the All State Junior String Orchestra. String students in grades 10-12 may audition for the All State Senior Orchestra. In order to participate in the Maryland All State Orchestra activities, a student must attend an independent (private), parochial, or public school in Maryland and be in an orchestra class for credit. In high schools in which an alternate scheduling program is operating, the student may participate in the year in which he or she earns a full credit. Please refer to the eligibility requirements in this publication and on the website.

·         Music Required: The music requirements for each group are listed in this publication. It is the student's responsibility to acquire the

music and prepare it. School directors should assist in this process. In the event that a student arrives at the audition with the incorrect audition music prepared, the student will be given the correct music and up to one hour to prepare the correct music for the audition.

·         Most of the audition pieces are sourced from the public domain, and the excerpts are posted on the website at www.mmea- maryland.org. It is strongly recommended that you visit the website to be sure you have the correct excerpts. The exceptions to this are the etudes; they are sourced from books. No photocopies of this music will be allowed at the audition. Copyright laws will be enforced.

·         Scales Required: Each student will be asked to perform One Major Scale and Arpeggio and One Minor Scale. In the case of two-octave scales, the lowest two octaves should be played. No arpeggio is required for the minor scales. All scales must be memorized.

·         Sight reading will be required of all students.

·         String Bass players are auditioning for assignment to the Orchestra or Band.

Harpist Needed:

A harp player may be needed this year. This position is open to any student entering grades 7-12.  Auditions will take place on the Junior Orchestra audition day (Saturday, November 11, 2017). Teachers, please contact Mary Ellen Cohn, MMEA Executive Director, for audition materials .

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