2018 -2019 All State Junior and Senior Percussion RequirementsT

2018-2019 All State Junior and Senior Percussion Requirements

  • Percussionists will be required to perform on snare drum, keyboard percussion, timpani, bass drum, crash cymbals, and tambourine.

  • Sight reading on snare drum, keyboard percussion and timpani will be required.

  • Scores of all the instruments will be averaged together.

  • Percussion instruments provided at the audition are a (minimum) four-octave marimba, xylophone, four timpani, snare drum, tambourine, crash cymbals, and a concert bass drum. A bass drum mallet (or mallets) will be provided.

  • Students may elect to bring their own snare drum, tambourine, crash cymbals and/or bass drum mallets.

  • All percussionists are expected to provide their own snare drum sticks, keyboard mallets, timpani mallets, and a pitch source (tuning fork, pitch pipe) for tuning the timpani.

  • Although there is more than one acceptable technique than can be used for their performance, students sometimes use improper techniques, which result in a less than optimal musical effect. The adjudicators have the right to lower scores for the use of improper techniques.

  • Students are to follow the provided audition requirements and play the musical examples exactly as printed on the page. Any deviation from the printed music will result in lower scores.

2018-2019 All State Junior and Senior Percussion Audition Information