Deadlines Approaching: Transition Into Fall 2019


As we transition into the fall season, we recognize how quickly time passes and have revised a few deadlines to provide a few extra days. Below is a gentle reminder of approaching application, registration, and payment deadlines as opportunities to share to students and colleagues.

Revised Deadlines for Events and Activities

Take advantage of these leadership and learning opportunities for students!

Professional Learning

Don’t miss the learning, networking, and connection!

A summary of the steps for the All State online application and payments are included below

Step 1: Submit an application using This system now allows for teachers to maintain access to the data entered.   

Step 2: Make a payment.  Each teacher, school, county/district has different needs and will need to instruct and communicate their own process to students accordingly. This allows for the diversity of payment options that have been expressed.  

Step 3: Complete confirmations. Since MMEA policies require a principal signature and parent signature the quickest way to do so is to  send the specific form link directly to your administrator ( The principal online form takes up to 3 minutes to complete. The parent online form ( takes up to 3 minutes to complete. And you’ll no longer have to wait on a signature from the principal/administration.