On behalf of the Maryland Music Educators Association, we thank you for serving as a chaperone for one of the 2019-2020 All State Ensembles. We hope that this will be an enjoyable experience for you. After you have been confirmed by the MBDA, MCEA, or MODA component president, you will be asked to sign a statement that you have read and will uphold the student, parent and Chaperone rules that govern the All State weekend. Only MMEA/NAfME member educators or administrators are eligible to serve as chaperones (preferably current or retired Maryland teachers/administrators). If you would like to serve as a chaperone, please contact the component president. Each chaperone will be responsible for approximately 10-12 students. MMEA will provide the following to group chaperones for their service: 1. A hotel room in a double room shared with a chaperone of the same gender, in the same location as student group (one-three nights, based on need). 2. Meals with the student group (one-three days, based on need). 3. Annual Conference Registration. 4. Complimentary admission to each of the 2020 All State concerts (non-transferrable).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the manager or component president of the group to which you have been assigned. Please complete the All State Chaperone Confirmation Form.

1.  Chaperones will sign up for duties during specific time slots. During these times, chaperones must be at that duty assignment. There are enough chaperones that we may divide the duty assignments so that everyone may have some time off. Be sure to be present and on time for all assigned duties. Not showing up for a duty will cause a problem.

2.  Coverage will be at all meals, bed check, rehearsals, busing, walking, and concert times. Meal times and busing will be assigned as a duty block.

3. Assist with on-site registration and student check out of hotel and dismissal at conclusion of concert)

4. Attend all chaperone meetings unless on duty with students.

5.  Rehearsal Duty: There must be at least two chaperones in each rehearsal room at all times. If your duty is at the BEGINNING of the rehearsal time, please assist the students in getting organized. Make sure all students are present. Students are NOT to miss rehearsal for any reason other than an approved performance with their school ensemble at the Conference. Such approval comes in writing from the Executive Director to the group manager. Students do not leave on their own for such a performance but are signed out by the manager or designee, and signed in again as they return. If you notice any empty chairs at rehearsal time, notify the manager immediately. If your duty is at the END of the rehearsal time, please make sure the conductor releases the students on time (a gentle reminder of the time) and dismiss the students with instructions. Instruments may stay in the rehearsal room. The room will be locked when the group is not rehearsing. Ensure students are responsible for their own instruments and luggage.

  • Confirm that each student has the appropriate performance music, instrument, and required accessories.

  • Students are responsible for loading their own instruments and luggage.

  • Only backpacks and small instruments (violins, flutes, clarinets, etc.) will be allowed inside the bus – all others must be stored in luggage compartments below, or on the instrument truck.

  • Confirm that each student is present at departure.

  • Only PG13 (and below) movies and music may be shown or played on the bus en route to or from a rehersal or performance.

  • Students should always remain seated when the bus is in motion,

6.  Meal duty: Check students off as they enter the dining room. Inform the manager of any student who has not checked in. Please focus. Your meals are with the students. For meals when you are not “On Duty,” eat during the students’ meal time.

 7.  During room check/bed check:

   a. Chaperones will be in same-sex pairs. Enter the room. Do not merely ask questions from the hall.

   b. Make sure you actually see each student, don’t let the student tell you “he/she is in the shower.” 

   c. Make sure lights are out one half hour after room check.

   d. No student should be out of the assigned room for any reason after room check.

   e. Hall monitoring must continue until around 12:00AM/1:00 AM.

8. Please inform the manager of any student who causes any problem.

9. Any situation that arises concerning a student, parent, conductor or hotel should be addressed by the manager only. Chaperones do not make decisions or changes to the rules. See the manager immediately. Please be careful of information that you give that could be misleading.

10. Chaperones are not to speak to parents who are at the hotel or rehearsal site to pick up a student who has been dismissed.

11. Upon check in make sure you get a copy of the master rooming list with room numbers for all students and chaperones. Carry this list with cell phone numbers with you at all times.

12. Socializing should be limited to the public areas of the hotel (hallways, lobby, restaurant, etc.).  Remind students to be considerate of other hotel guests (no practicing after 10 p.m. limit talking and running in hallways, etc.).

13. Enforce curfew for each student.

14. Chaperones may not leave the hotel after bed-check unless told or asked to do so by the Manager.

15. Creating a positive environment for diversity, inclusion, leadership, and teamwork is essential. All defamatory, abusive, slurs, profane, threatening, offensive, harassing, or illegal language or actions are strictly prohibited.

16. Refrain from any behavior that might be considered inappropriate for an adult role- model/chaperone during the convention (e.g. joking around, touching, drinking, smoking, swearing, etc.).

17. Report any infractions of MMEA or All State rules to the All State Manager and Executive Director immediately.

MMEA Inspection Process for All State Students

MMEA authorities may, without a search warrant, inspect students or protected student areas based on a reasonable and articulable suspicion that a MMEA policy, rule, regulation or law has been violated. The inspection is in a manner reasonable in scope to maintain order and disciplineMMEA events, promote the educational environment, and protect the safety and welfare of students. MMEA authorities may seize any illegal, unauthorized or contraband materials discovered in the search. Items of contraband may include, but are not limited to, non-prescription controlled substances, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, apparatus used for controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, nicotine, e-juice, nicotine delivery systems, nicotine e-delivery systems, weapons, explosives, poisons and stolen property. Such items are not to be possessed by a student while they are at MMEA events. Possession of such items will be grounds for disciplinary action including expulsion from the festival and may be reported to local law enforcement officials. An inspection report will be completed by MMEA authorities.