2019 - 2020 All State Jazz Band Information

(Duplicate as needed. Provide a copy of the required music, mp3, and recording process guidelines to each student.).

  1. Eligibility Requirements: ● A student must attend an independent (private), parochial, or public school in Maryland, be in grades 10, 11, or 12 and must be enrolled in and be active participants in their school band, orchestra or jazz ensemble, in order to be eligible to participate in the All State auditions. ● Students who do not participate in their school band or orchestra program are not eligible. ● Review the specifics regarding eligiblity. Please note: All communications are with the music school teacher/director. Students and parents/guardians must work directly with and communicate directly with the music school teacher/director. Alternate files, formats, and links are not provided unless a request for accessibility due to a documented disability exists and is forwarded by the music teacher/director.

  2. Application: Online application forms will be available in September. A complete and on time application includes that the nomination form and commitment fee are received for each student by the deadline.An $8.00 non-refundable commitment fee per student will be assessed and due by the application deadline. There is no late application submission allowed.

  3. Audition Procedure/Submission Requirements: ● Auditions for the 2019 - 2020 All State Jazz Band will be submitted online. ● Students may audition for the Senior Band, Orchestra, or Chorus and Jazz Band. (If a student is selected for two groups, he/she will be able to perform in both ensembles!) ● Directors must submit an online nomination form for jazz auditions to be received by December 4, 2020. Directors must submit an online nomination form for each event for which a student is auditioning by the deadline. School music directors are to supervise the audition recording process, review the audition guidelines, and each audition before submission.

  4. Audition Requirements: It is the director’s responsibility to download the audition materials from the MMEA website (mmea-maryland.org) to give to students OR to provide the web address to students so they may access the audition materials, including the MP3 file.

  5. Contact: mbdapresident@gmail.com with questions regarding music requirements and audition procedures. Contact: mmeamarylandinfo@gmail.com regarding eligibility, application process, or payments.

  6. Students will be required to play the following materials indicated online at the MMEA website at the tempo and style indicated. Please note that the PDF music files for each instrument are all several pages long:

  • All instruments except drums: Perform the five scales as written in the audition materials.

  • All Saxophones, Lead Trumpet, Section Trumpet, Lead Trombone, Section Trombone, Bass Trombone: “Bossa Azule,” “Did You Meet Her,” and “Sunny Side Up.”

  • Piano, Guitar or Vibraphone, Bass: “Did You Meet Her” and “Meditation”

  • Drums: “All of Me” and “Meditation”

  • (Not required) Perform improvisation with the MP3 file available at the MMEA website. While improvisation is not required, students who improvise will earn more points than students do not attempt improvisation.

  • (Not required) Saxophones – if you double on any other woodwind instruments, choose one excerpt and play it on a doubling instrument

No music needs to be purchased. Everything is provided on the MMEA website. All music is presented here by permission of the authors and publisher.

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax                    Baritone Sax

Lead Trumpet               Section Trumpet

Lead Trombone            Section Trombone           Bass Trombone