Here is a list of resources that should prove useful for college music education majors in all disciplines, as well as new and veteran teachers alike.  Be sure to check back periodically for updates to the list. From local activities to national issues, MMEA/NAfME offer the combination of networking, professional development and resources you need as a music educator. Become a member today! 

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Recommended Reading & Resources

Alternative Rehearsal Techniques, by Edward Lisk

The American Wind Band: A Cultural History, by Richard Hansen

The Art of Elementary Band Directing, by Eileen Fraedrich

Assessing the Developing Child Musician, by Timothy Brophy

Band Instrument “Quick Fix” Repair Solutions, by Gregory Biba

Best Music for Beginning Band, by Thomas Dvorak & Richard Floyd

Best Music for Chorus and Band, by Keith Kinder

Best Music for High School Band, by Thomas Dvorak, Robert Grechesky, & Gary Ciepluch

Best Music for Young Bands, by Thomas Dvorak

The Choral Conductor’s Aural Tutor, by James Jordan

The Choral Rehearsal, by James Jordan

The Choral Warm-Up, by James Jordan

Classroom Management in General, Choral, & Instrumental Music Programs, by Marvelene Moore

A Composer’s Insight: Thoughts, Analysis and Commentary on Contemporary Masterpieces for Wind Band, Vol. 1-3, ed. Timothy Salzman

Composers on Composing for Band, Vol. 1-3, ed. Mark Camphouse

Composers on Composing for Choir, ed. Tom Wine

Confessions of a First-Year Maestro: A Guide to Your First Year of Teaching, by C. Robertson

Developing Musicianship through Improvisation, by Christopher Azzara and Richard Grunow

The Empowered Choral Rehearsal, by Simon Carrington

Everyday Stuff Every Director Should Know, by David Vandewalker

A Guide to the Understanding and Correction of Intonation Problems, by Al “Corky” Fabrizio

Improving Intonation in Band and Orchestra Performance, by Robert Garofalo

Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians, by Jeffrey Agrell

Improvisation Games for One Player, by Jeffrey Agrell

Instrumental Music Pedagogy, by Daniel Kohut

Intelligent Music Teaching, by Robert Duke

It’s Your First Year Teaching, But You Don’t Have to Act Like It, by Bob Kitchen

Lies My Music Teacher Told Me, by Gerald Eskelin

Music, Artistry, and Education, by Milton Allen

The Music and Literacy Connection, by Dee Hansen

Music for Homeschoolers: A Guide to Music Instruction for the Homeschooled Child, by Joanne May

The Musician’s Way, by Gerald Klickstein

Rehearsing the Band, ed. John Williamson

The Savvy Musician, by David Cutler

Scale Your Way to Music Assessment, by Paul Kimpton and Delwyn Harnisch

The School Choral Program, by Michele Holt and James Jordan

Shaping Sound Musicians, by Patricia O’Toole

So…You’re the New Band Director.  Now What? by Philip Wise

Sociology for Music Teachers, by Hildegard C. Froehlich

Teaching Band & Orchestra, by Lynn G. Cooper

Teaching Instrumental Music: Methods & Materials, by Shelley Jagow

Teaching Music: Managing the Successful Music Program, by Darwin Walker

Teaching Music Through Performance in Band, ed. Richard Miles

Teaching Music Through Performance in Band, Solos with Wind Band Accompaniment, ed. Richard Miles

Teaching Music Through Performance in Beginning Band, ed. Richard Miles & Thomas Dvorak

Teaching Music Through Performance in Choir, ed. Heather Buchanan & Matthew W. Mehaffey

Teaching Music Through Performance in Middle School Choir, ed. Frank Abrahams & Paul Head

Teaching Music Through Performance in Orchestra, ed. David Littrell & Laura Reed Racin

Teaching Music Through Performing Marches, ed. Richard Miles

Teaching Musicianship in the High School Band, by Joseph Labuta

Teaching Rhythm: New Strategies and Techniques for Success, by David Newell

Teaching Techniques and Insights for Instrumental Music Educators, by Joseph Casey

The Teaching of Instrumental Music, by Richard Colwell

Tools for Powerful Student Evaluation, by Susan Farrell

The Winds of Change and Winds of Change II: The New Millennium, by Frank Battisti


Marching Band

The Complete Marching Band Resource Manual, by Wayne Bailey and Thomas Caneva

The Dynamic Marching Band, by Wayne Markworth

The System: A Marching Band Guide, by Gary Smith

Techniques of Marching Band Show Designing, by Dan Ryder


Jazz Pedagogy

Aebersold for Everyone, by Jamey Aebersold, arr. Peter Blair

Getting Started with Jazz Band, by Lissa Fleming

How to Play Jazz and Improvise, by Jamey Aebersold (book & play-along CD, Vol. 1)

The Jazz Ensemble Director’s Manual, by Richard Lawn

Jazz Pedagogy: The Jazz Educator's Handbook and Resource Guide, by J.R. Dunscomb & Willie Hill

Rhythm Section Workshop for Jazz Directors, by Shelly Berg, Lou Fischer, Fred Hamilton, & Steve Houghton (book, CD, & DVD; complete set contains director’s book and individual part books)

Teaching Music Through Performance in Jazz, ed. Richard Miles & Ronald Carter


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