Eligibility for MMEA State-wide Activities
Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) is a professional association of music educators who teach in Maryland public and
private schools and colleges. Our mission promote the advancement of music education in Maryland schools by supporting
and enhancing school music curricula. Its first two corporate purposes deal with teacher in-service.
MMEA also sponsors state-wide student activities which are grade and class (band, chorus, orchestra) specific. The activities adhere
to guidelines established by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), of which MMEA is a state affiliate. Prior to 1980,
only students of MMEA members were allowed to participate in any state-wide activities. Currently, by agreement with the Public
School Superintendents Association of Maryland (PSSAM ), students of MMEA members and students of non-members are eligible
to participate in state-wide activities according to the following policies:

1. Only students enrolled in band, chorus, or orchestra classes in Maryland public and private schools in the appropriate grade designation
    may audition for and participate in state-wide activities.

2. Only the music teacher who teaches the specific band, chorus, or orchestra class may initiate the application process for his or her
    students to audition for or participate in state-wide activities.

3. All applications must be signed by the school principal, attesting to the eligibility of the listed students as members of the specific

4. Students in high schools in which alternate scheduling models are in operation are eligible to participate in state-wide activities only
    in the years in which they receive a full credit for those classes.

5. Regardless of their musical ability, students who choose not to participate in their school band, chorus, or orchestra class for any
    reason are not eligible to participate in MMEA state-wide activities in the years in which they are not part of their school ensembles.

Please note: all communications are with the music school teacher.