Expansion/Move: Maryland Middle School Chorus Festival 2019

Due to the excitement and great response, the Maryland Choral Educators Association is expanding and moving the Middle School Festival to May 9 and May 10. The Chorus festival will be located at:

Watkins Mill High School, 10301 Apple Ridge Rd, Gaithersburg, MD

Thus, the Chorus Middle School Festival will not be held at Lindale Middle School. Please note: Lindale Middle School will remain as the location Monday-Thursday for the Band and Orchestra Middle School Festivals. 

Why the Shift for Chorus Festival?

Based on the number of applications we have received thus far having two days allows for greater access and participation. It is more feasible to logistically hold the assessments  in one location rather than trying to switch schools and counties.  We understand this will present challenges and opportunities. MMEA will have a Festival Coordinator in the near future to capture these issues in advance and strive for alignment across MCEA, MBDA, and MODA. 

Next Steps

Festival Manager, Ashley Cameron will send out a message to the teachers/directors who are currently registered on May 10, offering an opportunity for Thursday, May 9th, as well. Also, as new registrations are received through April 19,  Ashley will inquire about dates of preferences and the application will be updated. 

This update will be posted to the MMEA website at: https://www.mmea-maryland.org/festivalinfo2019 and https://www.mmea-maryland.org/festivalapplication

We appreciate the partnership and understanding of our attempt to solve for this challenge and transform it into an opportunity.  If chorus teachers/directors have any questions about this change to Middle School Festival please contact michelle.searle@gmail.com or ashleycameron7@gmail.com