All State February 1-3 Post Event Update

Thank you for attending! We are listening and gathering feedback as we continue to grow and move in new directions.

  1. Students who participated in early February will receive certificates within 60-90 days mailed to the music teacher/director.

  2. Unfortunately, the February 1-3, 2019 All State programs were printed without student names due to a series of unfortunate printer timeline issues, staff illness, and vendor issues. The MMEA Office apologizes for the omission. The sustainable solution is a posting to the MMEA website by the end of February highlighting and acknowleding the students, school, and county. Ideally, it will be formatted such that all interested can access and print the information. 

  3. Onsite or post-event ordering of shirts is unavailable. If extras are available, MMEA will send an email and condict sales while supplies last, on the website. Contact with the order confirmation of the shirt order was incorrect or missing. We will research it, resolve it, and mail it. 

  4. Share your ideas regarding the Annual Conference and please evaluate 2019 All State Music.