Maryland Music Educators Association bylaws outline the basic structure and governance of the legal entity (“corporation”) to which members belong. Financials are located here. Currently, there are 15 elected officers and 20 chairs and representatives.

Elected Officers

Appointed Chairs and Representatives

  • Advocacy Chair, Ron Frezzo

  • Composition Projects - Vacant

  • Collegiate Chapters Representative, Melissa McCabe

  • Collegiate Representative - Vacant

  • Exhibits Chair, Shefali Shah,

  • Membership Chair, Janet Gross,

  • Membership Development Chair Judith Hawkins,

  • MSDE Representative, Alysia Lee

  • Music Industry Representative, Scott Schimpf

  • Music Supervisors, Karl Stewart

  • Private Schools Representative, Joseph Shortall

  • Public Relations Cair, Deborah Turner

  • Research Chair, Cathleen Rusell

  • Special Learners, Paul Tooker

  • Technology - Vacant,

  • Tri-M Chair, Erik Von Sas

  • Sight Reading Commitee Chair, Todd Burroughs

  • State Solo and Ensemble Festival - Vacant

  • State Large Ensemble Festivals, Scott Engel

  • Young Composers Project - Vacant

Staff Team

  • Executive Director, Mariama Boney, LMSW, CAE,

  • Journal Editor, Felicia Burger Johnston,

  • Event and Membership Assistant (Part-time)