Welcome to MODA!

The Maryland Orchestra Directors Association is an all-volunteer component of MMEA that advocates for Maryland string students at all levels. Through your support, we are proud to offer engaging and meaningful opportunities for all of Maryland’s young string players.

General questions may be sent to modapresident@gmail.com.

Specific questions and concerns may be sent any appropriate Board Member below:

Dan Sitomer, MODA President (modapresident@gmail.com)

AnneMarie Karnbach, MODA President Elect (amkarnbach@smcps.org)

Jennifer Murray, MODA Immediate Past President (jennifer2.murray@pgcps.org)

Bill Rose, All-State Senior Orchestra Manager (William_Rose@hcpss.org)

Tiffany Biles, All-State Junior Orchestra Manager (tiffanylee236@gmail.com)

Ted McAllister, All-State Orchestra Audition Manager (tedvmcallister@gmail.com)

Kate McFadden, State High School Orchestra Festival Manager (cmcfadden@bcps.org)

Jennifer Murray, State Middle School Orchestra Festival Manager (jennifer2.murray@pgcps.org)

Erin Chester, MODA Solo & Ensemble Festival Manager (erinachester@gmail.com)

Kerry Gilliard, Music Review Chairperson (modamusicreview@gmail.com)

Amber Abbott, State Music List Manager (amber.abbott@pgcps.org)

Michelle Roberts, Proposal, Sessions, and Presenters Manager (Michelle_Roberts@mcpsmd.org)

Sue Taylor, Sight Reading Committee Representative (sit930@comcast.net)

Sally Burns, Guitar Representative (sally.burns@pgcps.org)

Sierra Tretter, Elementary School Representative (sierra.tretter@acpsmd.org)

Larry Lavallee, Middle School Representative (llavallee@bcps.org)

Elizabeth Reinhardt, High School Representative (Elizabeth_Reinhardt@hcpss.org)

Jeffrey Howard, Collegiate Representative (j.howard88@comcast.net)

Stephanie Mayer-Sattin, Private School Representative (stephanie_mayer@bullis.org)

Tom Cheezum, Eastern Shore Representative (cheezum.thomas@ccpsstaff.org)

Scott Herman, Member-at-Large (Scott_M_Herman@mcpsmd.org)


MODA Documents and Forms

Policies & Procedures - Contains details on state events

Online Volunteer Form - For MODA members to get involved!

2019-2020 Music Review - For State List submissions

MODA Music List Error Form