Thank you for serving as a Conference Presider! It is the role of the Presider to set a positve and welcoming atmosphere, as well as oversee and facilitate the smooth and timely running of the operation, whether that is a session or a concert. All presiders must be members and registered for the conference. Presiders will be checked for registration purposes by the membership chair. After you have been confirmed by the MBDA, MCEA, or MODA component president, you will be asked to complete the Presider Confirmation Form. If you would like to serve as a presider, please contact the component president. The Presider is familiar with the schedule and space and excutes the role by doing the following: 

1.     Before The Session

  • a.     Welcome:  Make the performing group or clinician feel welcome and comfortable with the space. Provide information on nearest restrooms, etc.

  • b.     Space:  The equipment which the clinician or conductor requested will be in the room before the session begins. If it needs adjustment, please assist. If there is a problem with the equipment, see an equipment manager or your component president. Do not change the chair set-up.

  • c.     Badges: Check that attendees have badges as they come in

  • d.     Distribute: At the beginning of the session, help distribute any printed materials including the session evaluation reminder forms. At a concert, see that any printed programs are distributed along with the session evaluation reminder forms.

  • e.     Cancellation: If a session cancels, report to the scheduled room to make sure participants are aware of the cancelation and provide alternative sessions they may attend during the time slot.

  • f.      If there are not enough printed materials for the session participants, ask the clinician if they can email materials to session participants. Take names and email addresses of those who did not get the materials and give to the clinician, or if a music reading session where the free music packets run out, collect mailing addresses for the vendor to use to distribute the music. MMEA does not send any materials.

2.     During the Session

  • a.     Publicly thank the vendor sponsoring the session (if applicable).

  • b.     Introduce the conductor and group or the clinician. Give a brief sketch of the person's or group's background. Do not read the biographical information to the attendees. Use that as the basis of your introduction.

  • c.     Remind participants to complete the oline session evaluation form.

  • d.     Record the number of attendees at the session.

  • e.     Stay with the performance or session, assisting as needed. (Example: if the clinician is using an overhead projector and the lights need to be dimmed, see to it.)

  • f.      Watch the clock as the end time nears. If needed, have an agreed upon signal for the clinician as the "five-minutes-to-the-end" approaches.

3.     After the Session

  • a.     Thank the clinician, performers etc. Remind participants to complete the their online evaluations and thank them for coming.

  • b.     Help "clean-up" the area if needed. Someone else is about to use the space. If a crowd is gathering around the clinician and another session needs to set up and begin, assist in moving your session folks to a different place.

  • c.     To insure security, remain in the room in which you are presiding until the next presider arrives.

  • d.     Remind attendees to complete online evaluation form. (Revised December 2018)