Each work submitted:

  • Will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of judges. A panel may include current or retired school music educators, members of the music industry, composers, or qualified university composition faculty. Review comments and evaluations will be provided for each work submitted. All comments and evaluations will be final.

  • Will be evaluated as being either ‘Superior’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’, ‘Fair’, or ‘Needs Improvement.’                       

  • Will be reviewed and evaluated focusing on:                                                                             

  1. Originality: Creative work exhibits a personal/unique style clearly demonstrating the ability to create, use and/or organize sound for expressing personal or group musical intent.

  2. Compositional Technique and Presentation: Creative work clearly exhibits characteristics of the elements of music being accurately and effectively understood and manipulated and presented for expressive purposes.  Includes organization of rhythmic, melodic elements, formal design, writing for instruments and/or voices, correct usage of musical notation, etc.

  3. Compositional maturity: Creative work clearly demonstrates a depth of knowledge, understanding and effective application of the elements of music for expressive purposes. Includes a high level of appropriate professionalism in presentation of score and recording.

  4. Overall Appeal: Creative work includes effective handling of unity/variety, dynamics, tension/release, articulations, text setting, etc.

Suggestions for Students and Teachers:

  1. Remember that a grade level student, student ensemble or an electronic medium should perform each work submitted. 

  2. Remember, neatness counts!  Creative work exhibiting attention to presenting a clean full score, clear copies and a sensitive recording, shows careful attention of preparation.

  3. Above all, creative work should be an extension of your personal ideas, thoughts and experiences. A work should be meaningful to each person, class or ensemble. 

Questions can be directed to Dr. Richard A. Disharoon, YCP chair, at ycpmdmmea@gmail.com