Overview: 2019 Rules Governing All State Music Groups

2019 Rules Governing All State Music Groups

 Each participant is entitled to a successful All State experience. Any member who is not considerate of that right will be dismissed to assure the success of the remaining membership. Each member is expected to adhere to the rules below. Do not ask to be excused from any part of the schedule or presume you may be admitted late to any part of the schedule.

  • Students will show respect for all supervising adults and one another. Creating a positive environment for diversity, inclusion, leadership, and teamwork is essential. All defamatory, abusive, slurs, profane, threatening, offensive, harassing, or illegal language or actions are strictly prohibited.

  • All students will stay in the assigned hotel. There will be no commuting students

  • All students will adhere to all aspects of the published schedule, including meals, and students must wear the identifying badge at all times. Students are required to check in at each meal/ activity

  • Students are prohibited from use or possession of tobacco, alcohol or drugs (except those indicated on the medical form) at all times. Possession of any of these items is against the law for minors. Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are also not permitted.  Students in violation of this rule are subject to immediate dismissal, in addition to consequences from the student’s school. Students who are aware of violations of this rule, as well as other rules, and who do not report the violation to the Group Manager or chaperone, are also subject to dismissal, and possible consequences at the student’s school.

  • Students are required to remain in their assigned hotels except to ride the buses provided by MMEA to rehearsals, events and concerts.

  • Students will touch only their personal instrument, unless directed otherwise by the Group Manager. This includes percussion instruments as well as any pianos, including hotel pianos.

  • Students who bring a cell phone, laptop or any electronic device to the event do so at their own risk. MMEA is not responsible for loss, damage or theft nor any connection charges. Those are the responsibility of the student. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned OFF and stored out of sight during rehearsal hours and at lights out time until the designated wake-up time the next morning.

  • After check-in/registration, student schedules include meals, 8 hours sleep, and 3-8 hours of rehearsals, dress rehearsals, as well as group transportation to/from the rehearsals supervised by chaperones who are local teachers.

Rules for Rehearsal

Rules for Rehearsal:

  • Each student must know his or her music thoroughly upon arrival. Chorus students and Junior Orchestra students must pass a repertoire spot-check on selected portions of the concert program or face dismissal.

  • Each student must bring music and a pencil with eraser to each rehearsal.

  • Tardiness or absence from rehearsal will not be tolerated.

  • No one is to leave until the conclusion and dismissal of each rehearsal.

  • Students are not to engage in talking, cell phone use, eating or gum chewing during rehearsal.

Hotel Rules

In the hotel, parents will not proceed to student rooms; ALL Students:

  • will not visit any hotel room other than the room that is assigned to him/her;

  • will not allow a student or parent to enter or visit his/her hotel room, other than the assigned   roommate and the adult All State staff;

  • will not leave his or her assigned room after lights out/bed check for any reason;

  • will adhere to the schedule;

  • will not switch rooms for any reason;

  • will use a cell phone (at approved times) to call outside the hotel;

  • will not order any extra services, such as food to the rooms or pay-per-view items;

  • will not open windows.

For the Performance, all students will comply with the All State Concert Dress Code as explained in the specific directions that will accompany the music for the ensemble.

All music must be returned by the conclusion of the concert or the student will be assessed a music replacement cost.

All students will adhere to the rules or face immediate dismissal, as affirmed by the signature of the student, parent, school music director and principal on the commitment form.